Capability Toolkit

The Capability Toolkit is the outcome of a collaboration between ISANA NZ and Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ). It presents strategies, tools, tips, guidelines, case studies, scenarios and more to assist with every facet of engagement with international learners.

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Wraparound tailored support for international students
Free content
Resources to help international education practitioners deliver excellent student experiences.
Critical incident management for international students
Free content
Resources to help practitioners manage critical incidents relating to international students.
Innovative leadership in international education
Free content
Resources to encourage managers and practitioners to innovate and continually improve their products, services, strategies, policies and processes.
Intercultural competence in educational contexts
Free content
Resources to foster understanding and implementation of intercultural competence by administrators and teachers.
Student experience information for agents
Free content
Information and advice for international recruitment agents to help them understand NZ’s context and provide improved student support.
Training Modules
Free content
ISANA NZ works with education providers to deliver specialised training that supports professional development.
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The Toollkit has been designed with the support of Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao
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