Supporting international homestay students

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Module benefits

This eLearning course is designed for a homestay parent or designated caregiver. It consists of three micro-modules that provide helpful tips and tools to assist you with caring for your homestay student. You will learn about the student's cross-border journey, cultural differences and common homestay scenarios. Each micro modules takes approx 10 minutes to complete.

In the three micro-modules you will:

  • Read case studies and practical tips
  • Engage with interactive activities, tasks, and quizzes
  • Access external web pages

Upon completion of the third micro-module, you will receive a digital badge that can be shared with a school or education provider as evidence of training, which is a formal requirement of the Education Code of Practice 2021. 

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Module pricing

More than 100 registrants per provider: $10NZ per user 

Less than 100 registrants per provider: $20NZ per user

To enrol please click the link to register and select the number of people you would like to enrol in the course. We will then email you with a payment link and request a list of the people you'd like to enrol. Once the payment has been processed we will enrol the provided list of participants. Each user will be sent an enrolment confirmation email to the provided email address with login details.

For further pricing inquiries please email

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