We support international education specialists in New Zealand with practical tools and professional training

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Empowering international education professionals
We bring together all of Aotearoa’s international education professionals in one community to provide the best possible support for international students.
Our strategic direction
Enabling educators with training, modules and credentials
Our supportive community encompasses all levels of education as well as practitioners in diverse roles and at every stage in their careers. Share knowledge, learn from each other’s experiences, and support each other through the challenges.
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Upcoming Events
Join us for interactive sessions that ISANA NZ has developed to support practitioners engaging, teaching and advising international learners.
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Catch-up Cafes
These free events are an opportunity for you to hear the latest news and ask government agencies questions about issues that matter.
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These interactive sessions profile evidence-based practice in international education and help you develop specialised knowledge and skills.
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Online or in-person workshops are accessible, engaging and fun ways to help you participate in a professional community. 
Annual Conference
Our next annual conference will be held at AUT in Auckland on 23rd and 24th March. Don’t miss the chance to connect with other international education professionals and further develop your career.
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Capability Toolkit
The Capability Toolkit is the outcome of a collaboration between ISANA NZ and Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ). It presents strategies, tools, tips, guidelines, case studies, scenarios and more to assist with every facet of engagement with international learners. 
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Tailored Support
Resources to help international education practitioners deliver excellent student experiences.
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Critical Incident Management
Resources to help practitioners manage critical incidents relating to international students.
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Innovative Leadership
Resources to encourage managers and practitioners to innovate and continually improve their products, services, strategies, policies and processes.
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Intercultural Competence
Resources to foster understanding and implementation of intercultural competence by administrators and teachers.
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Student Experience Information
Information and advice for international recruitment agents to help them understand NZ’s context and provide improved student support.
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Training Modules
ISANA NZ is thrilled to share with you micro online learning modules developed to help international education staff provide the best possible support for their students. These modules have been developed with the support of the Ministry of Education's International Student Wellbeing Strategy.
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Supporting international PhD students
Resources for the tailored support of international PhD students in Aotearoa
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Accommodation Resources
These micro modules for international education practitioners have been developed with the support of Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao.
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Partner with ISANA NZ
ISANA NZ is proud to partner with the following organisations to offer specialised support and products for our community. Contact us if you would like to learn more about developing a partnership with our community.
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Current Partnerships
We are professionalising international education practice and ensuring Aotearoa provides a safe and welcoming home for international learners.