Student Ambassadors

We can offer customised support and in-house presentations/workshops to suit your individual and institutional needs. ISANA NZ is ready to work with you in terms of adapting a range of strategies and tools to fit your professional context.
Student Ambassador Training

ISANA NZ and Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao have partnered to deliver the Student Ambassador Training Programme in seven regions of Aotearoa. The programme provides leadership, mentoring and intercultural skills training for international and domestic students to support international student integration and develop domestic students’ global citizenship learning. It complements the Global Competence Certificate through the facilitation of structured, intentional engagement with education providers and local communities.  

The training, which will be customised for each region, includes a workshop and follow-up debrief with programme participants. To learn more about the ISANA Student Ambassador Training Programme please email

Tailored Practice Code Review

The new Education Code of Practice requires tailored support for diverse learners, and it includes a formal requirement to provide training for staff. With the extensive loss of frontline expertise following the 2020 closed borders, and the new Code emphasis on all learners, there is a risk that the unique needs of international learners will not be sufficiently addressed. ISANA NZ, the only professional body that has been delivering Code-related training for the last twenty years, offers an external review of your international education policy and practice. Its review methodology draws on extensive practitioner experience, international education literature and expertise in intercultural competencies.