These short video-clips provide practical take-aways for practitioners during the lockdown and coming months. The brief 5 minute videos in this section provide advice from international education bodies and  experienced practitioners to assist you during this challenging time.

2022 Cafes

16th February - Immigration NZ Update

23rd March - ENZ Student Experience update

25th May - NZQA Code Update

2022 webinars

30th March - Getting Back on Track for International Students


Covid 19 Co President message

Message to ISANA NZ members from the General Manager of ENZ, John Goulter.

ISANA NZ co-president update from Carla Rey Vasquez. 25-Mar-20

Terry McGrath with tips and support during Covid-19 - 27th March 2020

Rachel Fenton, Auckland Grammar School, student support procedures during lock down - 1st April 2020

Support for Homestays - Lesley McDonald 6th April 2020

Students supporting each other during lock down - Auckland Grammar School

Adrian Whale from North Tec shares tips on how they are keeping students feeling connected during lock down.

Chris Beard, ISANA NZ Executive Officer - ISANA NZ Looking ahead 17th April 2020

Arina Aizal, International Student Representative OUSA, talks about student life during Covid-19 - 29th April 2020

Chris Beard and Chris Whelan's interview on TVNZ Breakfast show about the sector recovery plan - 28th July 2020

EIT Student Advisers, Gina and Monica, share ideas on how they support their international students - 21st May 20

Cafe recordings 2020

2nd Dec - MOE update

3rd June - MOE

4th Nov - ENZ update

6th May - MOE

7th July - Dougal Sutherland, student stress

7th Oct - Immigration NZ Update

9th Sept - ISANA c0-presidents

10th June - NZISA

12th Aug - MOE update

13th May - NZISA

15 July - ENZ

15th April - ENZ

17th June - Schools and teritary panel on sector recovery

18th Nov - ISANA NZ AGM

20th May - ENZ

21st Oct - Dougal Sutherland

22nd April - Immigration

23rd Aug - NZQA

23rd Sept Catch Up Cafe - Micro Course Info

26th Aug - NZQA

27th May - Immigration

29th April - NZQA

29th July - Immigration

Catch-up Cafe recordings 2021

10th February - MOE International

10th March - Immigration NZ

14th April 2021 - ENZ Catch-up Cafe

12th May - NZQA Code Update

9th June - Immigration NZ update

28th July - MOE International Update

11th August - Change and Recovery; the ISANA NZ Governance Committee reflect on the sector

8th September - ENZ Update

20th October - Never Give Up; Hope, survival and getting back on track

29th October - ISANA NZ AGM and Awards 2021

10th November - NZQA Code Update

8th December - MOE International Update

Looking Ahead webinar recordings 2020

Digital marketing

Enabling int student employment in the virtual space

How to stay calm in a storm

Optimal recovery plan for Australia and NZ

Panel - Minister's 4 year recovery strategy

Panel webinar on IE professionalisation

Racism against international students

24th Aug - Digital Marketing and Communications

29th September - Uncertainty or opportunity in disguise?

Looking Ahead webinars

24th Feb panel webinar - where to from here

24th March - Wraparound support for international students still in NZ

26 May - Supporting international students still in NZ; tailored accommodation support

30th June - Online Delivery: providing quality learning and social experiences for international students

24th Aug - Digital Marketing and Communications

29th September - Uncertainty or opportunity in disguise?

24th November - Leaders panel: Where to from here for the international education sector?

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