These short video-clips provide practical take-aways for practitioners during the lockdown and coming months. The brief 5 minute videos in this section provide advice from international education bodies and  experienced practitioners to assist you during this challenging time.


EIT Student Advisers, Gina and Monica, share ideas on how they support their international students - 21st May 20

Chris Beard and Chris Whelan's interview on TVNZ Breakfast show about the sector recovery plan - 28th July 2020

Arina Aizal, International Student Representative OUSA, talks about student life during Covid-19 - 29th April 2020

Chris Beard, ISANA NZ Executive Officer - ISANA NZ Looking ahead 17th April 2020

Adrian Whale from North Tec shares tips on how they are keeping students feeling connected during lock down.

Students supporting each other during lock down - Auckland Grammar School

Support for Homestays - Lesley McDonald 6th April 2020

Rachel Fenton, Auckland Grammar School, student support procedures during lock down - 1st April 2020

Terry McGrath with tips and support during Covid-19 - 27th March 2020

ISANA NZ co-president update from Carla Rey Vasquez. 25-Mar-20

Message to ISANA NZ members from the General Manager of ENZ, John Goulter.

Covid 19 Co President message

Catch-up Cafe recordings 2021

8th December - MOE International Update

10th November - NZQA Code Update

29th October - ISANA NZ AGM and Awards 2021

20th October - Never Give Up; Hope, survival and getting back on track

8th September - ENZ Update

11th August - Change and Recovery; the ISANA NZ Governance Committee reflect on the sector

28th July - MOE International Update

9th June - Immigration NZ update

12th May - NZQA Code Update

14th April 2021 - ENZ Catch-up Cafe

10th March - Immigration NZ

10th February - MOE International

Cafe recordings 2020

29th July - Immigration

29th April - NZQA

27th May - Immigration

26th Aug - NZQA

23rd Sept Catch Up Cafe - Micro Course Info

23rd Aug - NZQA

22nd April - Immigration

21st Oct - Dougal Sutherland

20th May - ENZ

18th Nov - ISANA NZ AGM

17th June - Schools and teritary panel on sector recovery

15th April - ENZ

15 July - ENZ

13th May - NZISA

12th Aug - MOE update

10th June - NZISA

9th Sept - ISANA c0-presidents

7th Oct - Immigration NZ Update

7th July - Dougal Sutherland, student stress

6th May - MOE

4th Nov - ENZ update

3rd June - MOE

2nd Dec - MOE update

Looking Ahead webinars

24th November - Leaders panel: Where to from here for the international education sector?

29th September - Uncertainty or opportunity in disguise?

24th Aug - Digital Marketing and Communications

30th June - Online Delivery: providing quality learning and social experiences for international students

26 May - Supporting international students still in NZ; tailored accommodation support

24th March - Wraparound support for international students still in NZ

24th Feb panel webinar - where to from here

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