Professional Pathways

ISANA NZ’s vision is to see professional pathways and sector-specific qualifications embedded in New Zealand’s export education sector. There is a pressing need for a profession to serve the 5 billion dollar industry and 50,000 person workforce through the training and development of international student specialists. It is time for export education leaders to invest in programmes of study to promote evidence-based, professional practice.

Postgraduate courses

ISANA NZ instigated work which led to the establishment of EUDC504, a Victoria University of Wellington School of Education 15-point MEd course designed for international education practitioners and government officials. We are working with the School to create an International Education endorsement in an MEd programme to introduce a sector-specific qualification that shapes International Education as an academic discipline.

Certificate and diploma courses

We are in the process of exploring the provision of L5/L6 certificate/micro-credential courses in conjunction with partners and an education provider. There is scope for range of subjects to be taught: introduction to export education; intercultural skills and strategies; effective pastoral interventions; culturally responsive pedagogy; professional ethics and boundaries; self-appraisal; accommodation practice; critical incident management, etc. We are inviting member input and feedback in relation to the design and delivery of L5/L6 courses for the sector.

Core Competencies Matrix

ISANA NZ believes international education is a cross-disciplinary enterprise that calls for ‘general practitioners’ with sound knowledge of key concepts in a number of fields. We have therefore designed a matrix that identifies the knowledge and skills that develop intercultural competence in educational contexts See International Education core competencies

Professional boundaries

Through the national delivery of workshops in recent years ISANA NZ has identified variable practices in relation to professional boundaries and self-care. The association was the first to highlight the range of institutional approaches to carrying the 24/7 phone. In many cases one person was required to carry the 24/7 phone alone or sometimes in conjunction with another colleague. This practice is unacceptable for other professions including Police, health professionals, social workers, etc. ISANA NZ has led workshops in recent years focused on self-care and professional boundaries and is working on promoting clearer professional standards in this area. See Professional Boundaries

ISANA Code of Ethics

The ISANA Code of Ethics sets guidelines for members, promotes a professional ethos and encourages cross-sector standards. It outlines responsibilities and duties in dealings with students and colleagues and provides principles for identifying conflicts of interest. The ISANA Code of Ethics is shaped by ISANA’s Mission Statement which promotes professional standards that serve the international education industry.

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