Who are ISANA NZ members?

ISANA NZ has over 180 members from schools, universities, ITPs (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics), PTEs (Private Training Establishments), and other institutes/organisations throughout New Zealand. The current membership includes professionals working in international student welfare, marketing, admissions, research, teaching and service provision in New Zealand’s schools and tertiary sectors.

Becoming an ISANA NZ member provides a number of membership benefits.

Membership is available upon application and the formal acceptance of the ISANA Code of Ethics. Applications may be subject to approval by the ISANA NZ Executive Committee. Members should: a) be professionally employed in international education, or be full-time students; b) be committed to the Objects of ISANA NZ ; and c) undertake to uphold the ISANA Code of Ethics.

Benefits of ISANA NZ Membership

As a member of ISANA NZ, you will receive:

  • News updates on the international education sector locally and overseas
  • Information about ISANA NZ and ISANA conferences and PD (professional development) events and workshops.
  • Discounted offers at ISANA NZ and ISANA events for members
  • Access to discussion and information with other international education professionals via the ISANA NZ network
  • Access to academic papers and resources from the annual ISANA NZ and ISANA conferences and workshops
  • Access to key industry resources relating to international education in the areas of international student services, administration, teaching, and government policy
  • Access to reviews of policies and other initiatives

ISANA NZ provides reliable and current information about the international education industry

ISANA NZ ensures its members are informed about the latest changes to the international education industry. Having access to professional development, email updates, and readily available contacts, guarantees members are supported by others when dealing with difficult situations or taking on demanding roles.

ISANA NZ members get their professional development (PD) training at a discount

ISANA NZ offers professional development programmes to everyone in the international education industry to help them extend their knowledge and refine their skills , but members can receive this beneficial training at a discounted cost.

The ISANA NZ Conference and Professional Development (PD) Days, and ISANA International Conference are key events on the international education calendar and offer members the chance to network with their peers on a social and professional level.

These conferences and PD Days provide outstanding opportunities to showcase best practice, academic and applied research, and provide networking and special interest meetings and contact with international education professionals working across all educational sectors.

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