We are excited to bring you another series of webinars in 2022 which will be aimed to support sector recovery through the promotion of professional practice and the three International Education Strategy (2018-2030) goals: Excellent Education & Student Experience, Sustainability and Global Citizenship.
Introducing Capability Protect  webinars
ISANA NZ warmly invites you to the first of our Capability Protect webinars to share with members:

11am, 10th August –  Introducing Capability Protect resources

We are pleased to announce Marcela Lapertosa, CPP content developer and Director of Education at Value Learning Intercultural Specialists, will share select examples of content she developed for the Intercultural competence in education contexts theme.

Capability Protect content includes tools, tips, case studies s and highly relevant theory-to-practice models to enhance the tailored support of international learners. Topics include:

  • Understanding intercultural models for education contexts
  • Effectively engaging international learners
  • Working with the teacher profession to support international learners.


This online webinar will begin with Marcela discussing her CPP experience and sharing select content that she believes will offer practical tools for practitioners. Following this will be a brief panel response, Q&A and an invitation from participants to relay their feedback and suggestions. 

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Please keep an eye out for further CPP webinars discussing the other four themes:

  • Wraparound tailored support for international students
  • Critical incident management for international students
  • Innovative leadership in international education
  • Student experience in NZ for international partners 


If you missed any of our engaging webinars from 2022 and 2021, you can find the recordings on our website in the Recorded Resources section (ISANA NZ member only access).


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