Capability Protect Programme (CPP)

ISANA NZ is delighted to be partnering with ENZ to develop and deliver the Capability Protect Programme (CPP), which is an online resource hub for practitioners working with international students. The partnership is part of a broader strategy to: (i) support international programmes negotiating the impacts of COVID-19 and: (ii) assist programmes’ capacity to deliver a quality student experience as the sector resets. The CPP will provide resources for sector-specific focus areas that include case studies, models, strategies and good practice tips. The resources will be designed for busy practitioners with a range of experience and will be accessible online in the second half of 2022.

ISANA NZ has contracted a talented content design team and will be inviting feedback and support from practitioners across the sector. Updates will be provided during the content creation, and any original resources members share will be acknowledged. 

For more information please contact ISANA NZ: [email protected]

Focus areas include:

  • Wraparound tailored support for international students
  • Critical incident management for international students
  • Innovative leadership in international education
  • Intercultural competence in educational contexts
  • Student experience in NZ for international partners


CPP Questionnaires

We would value your support and input into content being developed for the CPP. The CPP team is seeking grassroots perspectives, case studies and resources from practitioners. They have put together 5 questionnaires and would appreciate you completing one or more of these. No personal details will be used for the CPP. If you are happy to be contacted by one of our CPP Content Designers to provide more details, case studies and other examples, please opt in at the end of the forms. Thank you!

Critical Incident Management Questionnaire

Wrap Around Student Support Questionnaire

Managing Professional Boundaries Questionnaire

Agent Questionnaire

Student Questionnaire


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