ISANA was founded in 1989 in Australia for the benefit of the International Education university sector. In 2001, ISANA NZ was officially established and we are proud to support more than 200 members today.  The works of ISANA NZ have been pivotal in strengthening the professionalism of practitioners across education sectors across New Zealand, sharing best practice, and strengthening the value proposition of the NZ international education experience for students. Together we have achieved so much for the industry and at this time of crisis we know the role we play is more important than ever as we lobby the government to make concessions for international students entering our country.

The objectives of the ISANA NZ Charitable Trust are to advance the pastoral care and well-being of international, education provider staff, community people and groups involved in international education, and in particular:

  1. Educate and advocate for the well-being of international students and those who work with them within New Zealand by:
    • Working towards improving international students’ study and living experiences in New Zealand,
    • Assisting in raising the quality and learning support in New Zealand for international students,
    • Contributing to the setting, maintaining, and encouraging of standards in best practice in pastoral care and support of international students
  2. Initiate, manage, and participate in projects and research with beneficial outcomes for the international education experience of students in New Zealand.
  3. Develop and publish material of benefit to international students and those who work for the support and well-being of international students.
  4. Enhance the academic, cultural and social experience of students coming to New Zealand to study and those travelling on study abroad and exchange programmes.
  5. Facilitate awareness of the role that local communities can have in supporting the living and study experience of international students through community engagement and pastoral care of international student residents.

ISANA NZ is extremely proud of what we have achieved for the International Education industry and we know that you value and benefit immensely from these activities. Should you wish to contribute to ISANA NZ’s work in accordance with our charitable objectives, we welcome a discussion with you and receiving your support.

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