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ISANA NZ Student Ambassadors

ISANA NZ’s Student Ambassador’s programme offers specialised training for schools and tertiary institutes interested in supporting international student integration. First launched in 2019, this training programme has been successfully implemented in Hawke’s Bay and Wellington. Partnering with education providers and regional education bodies, the ISANA NZ Student Ambassador training: (i) equips students with global citizenship skills; and (ii) provides practical strategies for enabling international students’ social connections.  This programme introduces a mix of incentives and awards to generate sustained student interest, teacher involvement and senior management support.

The training includes a booklet that provide students with a framework for developing Student Ambassador skills. Students are helped to explore initiatives that encourage interaction between domestic and international students and promote community engagement. Domestic and international students exercise leadership and practise global citizenship side-by-side. An initial 60-90 minute workshop is initially presented and then followed with a second workshop in the following term/semester to allow time for Student Ambassadors to debrief, refresh and reset. ISANA NZ works with individual schools and tertiary institutions to tailor the training to fit individual needs and contexts.

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