ISANA NZ Trust Board Nominations 2022

We are pleased to announce that nominations to the ISANA NZ Trust Board are now open until 5pm on Friday, 18th November. ISANA NZ is looking for two new board members to join our wonderful team.

Please read the information about the ISANA NZ Trust Board below, which outlines roles and responsibilities. Then complete this Trust Board Nomination Form and email to: [email protected]:

Karen Kemsley, International Student Services Manager at Wintec/Te Pūkenga, reflects on her experience as an ISANA NZ board member:  

“There has often been a lot of conversation and focus on EFTS, percentages, targets and markets, when talking about the international education industry, but much less attention to student support and Code compliance. ISANA have always shone in this space, providing PD sessions and training to professionalise international education. ISANA pulled us together during the pandemic and regularly get us in front of NZQA, INZ and MoE. Being on the ISANA NZ board, gives me a chance to contribute to this work in a meaningful way, ensuring practitioners like ourselves and the students we support are supported and advocated for. It’s great being part of a knowledgeable and passionate team with clear goals and the motivation to get things done.”

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

ISANA NZ Trust Board

The composition of the Executive Committee has been reconstituted away from the previous format towards a Trust board  arrangement as per ISANA’s Constitution.

  • This is led by the ISANA NZ president who fulfils a chair role. 
  • Elections of Trustees / Board members are staggered with three elected at each AGM. 
  • Governance structure:

Six to ten Trustees/ Board members (two-year term)

President (two-year term)

Three other specific positions are vice president, treasurer and secretary 

  • The board meets remotely (e.g. via zoom) at least three times a year and once face-to-face every twelve months.
  • The president all officers and Trustees are elected at the AGM
  • At the first election, appropriate transitional arrangements are made to ensure half the board is elected every second year. 

The ISANA NZ board is an elective, representative and collective body that has the authority to make decisions, administer finances and act in the best interests of the membership. A person seeking nomination to the board must:

  • Be a member of ISANA NZ (recommended for at least 12 months prior to standing)
  • Be familiar with and support the ISANA NZ constitution and ISANA NZ Code of Ethics
  • Be available to contribute time to working on the board
  • Be a team player prepared to work with board members representing different educational sectors
  • Be familiar with current professional practice and relevant legislation governing operations in international education.
  • Be currently working in a position which is representative of the key roles of the ISANA NZ membership.


The board is responsible for:

  • Being the legal authority with board members acting as trustees representing the interests of members.
  • Governance including the setting and monitoring of strategic direction and policy making.
  • Being accountable for ensuring and monitoring that ISANA NZ is performing well, is solvent and is complying with all its legal, financial and ethical obligations.
  • Making decisions by consensus and consulting directly with the membership.
  • Securing the continued well-being and growth of the organisation.
  • Ensuring that ISANA NZ is appropriately managed for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • Employing/ contracting any staff to carry out the day-to-day functions of ISANA.



The president as chair oversees the strategic direction of ISANA NZ and ensures that the needs and interests of the membership and the sector are brought to the attention of the board and contractors. In particular,

  • The president works with the board, membership and contracted staff to strengthen ISANA NZ’s role as lead peak body that champions the professionalisation of the international education sector.
  • The president chairs board meetings, prepares agendas, receive briefs from Executive Director and follows up with actions points and resolutions from meeting minutes.
  • The president provides oversight for and receives quarterly updates from contractors working for the association.
  • The president is tasked with coordinating the Executive Director’s annual performance appraisal and reviewing of contract.
  • The president oversees the communication function of ISANA NZ including standards and protocols
  • The president keeps abreast of activities carried out on behalf of ISANA NZ
  • The president takes a lead in orientating new board members, identifying and developing a potential candidate to replace him/her. This is an important step that ensures board continuity and a smooth transition towards future board leadership.



The Vice-President supports the president in setting the strategic vision and direction of ISANA NZ and assists the president with key governance responsibilities. In particular the VP supports the president with HR needs i.e. contract arrangements and liaison with contractors. The VP is tasked with contractors’ performance appraisal and contract reviews accordingly. The VP stands in as acting president when necessary.



The treasurer manages ISANA NZ’s accounts and monitors its transactions. In particular, the treasurer:

  • Oversees ISANA NZ’s finances and reporting to the board
  • Works with the board to develop ISANA’s financial strategy and goals.
  • Completes or facilitates completion of financial reports in a timely manner for board meetings and the AGM.
  • Prepares and facilitates the preparation of the annual budget.
  • Monitors budgets and compares actual revenues and expenses against budget.
  • Ensures that bi-monthly GST returns are completed and filed.
  • Facilitates the preparation and filing of annual tax returns for both ISANA NZ and ISANA NZ Charitable Trust accounts.
  • Develops robust transparent internal controls.



The secretary is the active conduit for communication between the board, contracted staff and members and should aim to assist the board and members by discharging the following communicative/administrative duties: 

  • Scheduling of meetings and the provision of board meeting notices and materials
  • Accurately recording minutes, key points and decisions made at board meetings and disseminating minutes/meeting notes in a timely manner. 
  • Reviewing and updating documentation and ensuring all documents are reliably stored and readily accessible for inspection by board members, association members and/or inspectors
  • Assisting contracted staff, e.g. the Communication and Events Director, with communication to the wider membership

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